PCT Day 129 : Flip Nr 7, Back To Old Station!

August 11 (~12:10 – ~16:30)
Old Station / State Highway 44 (mi 1377.3) – before Lassen Volcanic NP boundary (10.1 mi / Total: 1367.2 mi)
Total PCT miles: 2000.4
Weather: Warm again!

I wake at 6. Early, much too early after a zero day, but I agreed to meet with Doug at 10, and I still need to do my resupply in town. Today I’m flipping down to Old Station, and luckily, Doug decided he could use take it as an opportunity to go and visit Lassen National Park himself, and give me a ride at the same time. It’s perfect. I pick up my resupply and add a breakfast burrito from Yaks, and we’re on our way.

It’s just after noon when I say goodbye to Doug and I’m on the trail again. It’s strange to be here, when last time I’d flipped to this location and continued north, now I’m headed south.

It’s an easy day. The trail is level, and the forest I walk through is nice. Nothing spectacular, but it’s a pleasant day. Moreover, I only have 10 miles to hike. I’m nearing Lassen National Park, which requires overnight users to have a bear canister, which I don’t have, so I need to hike the 19 miles the PCT traverses through the park, in one day. The park start 11 miles into my route from Old Station, so I decide on a half day and tackle Lassen tomorrow.

Of course the short day begins to feel very long, somehow, and I pass the prettiest spots along the trail where I’m dying to set up my tent – but I really can’t, as my mileage today is so little already. I pass some of the last northbounders, I haven’t hiked far but I already notice the crowd is definitely thinning out here. When I reach my intended campsite it’s not as nice as the others, but it will do. I set up my tent and enjoy the leisurely evening.

It’s not until later that night that I realise I’ve just passed 2000 miles. 2000 miles! I completely forget to make a sign, but some days later I find one from some other hikers, and I decide to pose with it anyways.

2 thoughts on “PCT Day 129 : Flip Nr 7, Back To Old Station!

    1. It goes through a small part of Lassen (which I passed on day 130), but it wasn’t as impressive as I hoped it would be! But then again that may just have been the PCT route, and I might be a little bit jaded because I’ve seen a lot of other volcanic areas before…


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