Walking Around Tasmania

My first long distance hike took me to circumnavigate Tasmania, a 2.5 month journey where I walked 1,600 kilometres around the whole island.

Start date + point: 22 October 2016, Hobart
Finish date + point: 4 January 2017, Hobart
Total distance walked: 1,604 km / 996.7 mi
Total days: 75
Walking days: 58
Zero days: 17
Max distance in one day: 57 km / 35.4 mi
Average distance per day: 27.7 km / 17.2 mi

Longest period without shower: 14 days
Nr of tent attacks by wildlife: 1, possibly 2
Cutest animal seen: Echidna
Cutest animal seen dead only: Wombat
Scariest animal seen: Cows (yes, cows)
What I won’t miss: Mud; The smell of roadkill
What I will remember: Mud; Unexpected kindness of people; White sand beaches


Woop! I’m in GLAMOUR!


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