PCT Day 64 : The Final Few Miles To Ashland

May 27 (~08:30 – ~10:15)
A few miles before Interstate 5 – Interstate 5 (4.1 mi / Total: 1718.7 mi)
Total PCT miles: 900.9
Weather: Foggy and overcast.

It’s only 4 miles to the Interstate, the end of this section and the start of a short hitch into Ashland. I considered waking early but quite enjoy lying in my tent and relaxing a little. There’s no snow outside, it’s not freezing cold, there’s no need to hurry.

When I do leave I move slowly through the forest, my feet and legs still stiff from walking in the snow, unable to get a pace going. It’s okay, it’s cloudy but I get some beautiful views onto the valley and mountains ahead, and reach the Interstate 5 in time.

It’s another short walk along an old highway to reach the quiet on-ramp, and I stick up my thumb to the one oncoming car, which stops immediately. The couple takes me into town, and straight to Speedy and Prince’s hotel. They’ve been waiting for me. It’s odd, one moment I’m on trail, the next I’m in a car, then I’m with Speedy and Prince eating waffles in Ashland.

They tell me their plan: to bikepack across the country, coast to coast. They’re renting a car to go to Portland or Seattle to buy all the gear they’ll need, and I decide to join them on their trip. I had one look at the snow map and realised that I’ve pretty much run out of ‘snow-free’ sections to walk. Suddenly, I’m resigned to waiting for more snow to melt. Next I know I’m in a car, moving further and further away from the PCT. It seems unreal. What am I going to do?

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