theredpapers is now roamingwildrosie!

It was time for a more accurate blog name so here goes Roaming Wild Rosie! Update your bookmarks because the The Red Papers will cease to exist very soon.

What else is coming?

I’ve done a lot of adventuring and as usual I’m going to write a lot of blog posts about it.

  • First up is my hike from Tokyo to Kyoto along the Tokaido route. I’ll explain logistics and then do a day to day account of this winter hike.
  • Then it’s off to give you all the details on hiking the 3,000 km Te Araroa trail in New Zealand, which I just finished earlier this year. Gear, logistics and a full account of everything that happened along the way. Stay tuned for this!

After all this I have more hikes planned and placed somewhere on my wish list… the Pacific Crest Trail in the US, Norway’s Norge På Langs, South Korea’s Baekdudaegan or one of Europe’s alpine trails. Or better yet: make up my own trail somewhere, anywhere!

If you have any suggestions, let me know! I’m always ready to be inspired by new trails and new destinations.

2 thoughts on “theredpapers is now roamingwildrosie!

  1. I have been following your blog and your lovely adventures quite some time now!

    Obviously, I look forward to the upcoming posts from Japan and New Zealand because I am sure it will be again full of great content and photos.

    With regards some suggestions, although it might not sound that “exotic” destination, actually, Greece has many pure and rather untouched from humans nature. Beautiful high mountains with the sea side not far away, breathtaking alpine lakes and valleys and of course plenty of wildlife such as bears, wolves, jackals etc.

    If you want check out the following links:


    Finally, I wish you all the best and to enjoy the outdoors as you already do.


    1. Really glad to have you following along! Interesting to hear you suggest Greece, I’ve only been to Athens many years ago but I’ve never been out to the countryside… you’re doing a great job selling it to me! I may have to do a bit more research on it… 🤗


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