Travelling Asia: The Post Where It’s Actually Going to Happen and I Tell You About Everything I’m Going to Bring

I have successfully burned all my bridges behind me and people tell me it’s really going to happen: I am going to travel around Asia. I’m just a day away, all thought, aside from not being to sleep anymore, it doesn’t actually feel as if anything particularly exciting is going to happen. Moreover, I have no job, no house, no permanent residence. I am buried under a neverending load of personal admin and I feel like a homeless citizen of nowhere. It’s so confusing that when searching for travel insurance, I sent a few awkward emails to insurance companies asking them what my country of residence is.

Nevertheless, I have proudly remained focused on one thing in particular and these past six months I poured myself into hours and hours of research on the essential travelling gear. The best, the smallest, and the lightest options of everything I need. Amazon and Cotswold must love me. Now that I am on the verge of leaving I may not be overly thrilled, or even able to imagine myself out there just yet, but I am most certainly disproportionately excited about my gear.

This is my home for the coming months (or years, who knows?)
Despite some people trying to convince me to get a hiking backpack with all sorts of pockets and straps that would annoying the living shit out of me, I opted for the Osprey Farpoint 40, which is perfection. It’s actually 38 litres, not 40, since I got the S/M size and it’s therefore pretty foolproof in not allowing you to overpack. Another benefit is that I won’t look too much like a typical, ahum, traveller. Best thing is that everything I need to bring fits. And just to make the point: I will never, ever do that turtle thing. Ever. Mark my words.


Let’s delve inside.



All fit neatly in these two Eagle Creek packing cubes.
The large one has two sides, a clean and dirty one to keep everything separated but still in the one place. The small sack has underwear and socks.


• Two short / mid- length dresses and one long dress
• One bikini and a one-piece
• Underwear x 5
• Socks x 6
• Some hot pants as nightwear or as extra layer under dresses


• One long sleeved shirt
• One pair of leggings and a pair of tights
• Thin trousers x 2 (was supposed to be just one, but I couldn’t help myself when I stumbled upon a Massimo Dutti sale, after I hadn’t been shopping for about a year)
• Grey t shirt to sleep in
• A top for comfort wear in hotel or hostel
• One pair of shorts

Clearly I am missing at least one summery top, but I’ll pick on up on the way.



• Three pairs: one summer trekking pair, one white (not for long) pair of Keds, one pair of flip-flops. All very light. The ones in my backpack will stay in the dry bag.



• Orange Eagle Creek cube with medical kit: sterile kit, first aid, diarrhoea medication.
• Microfibre towel
• Nod Pod satin bag liner
• Female products like a MoonCup and LadyShave
• General small sized toiletries, including solid Lush shampoo and solid sunscreen



• Selfie stick (shame on me)
• Head torch
• Moleskin journal and pen
• Lenovo tablet
• Kindle
• MP3 player
• Watch with alarm
• TSA approved zipper lock
• GoPro Hero4 Silver
• Universal power adaptor for USB leads
• Anker power bank
• Case to hold leads, SD cards and additional accessories



• Exped dry bag as before
• Platypus water bottle
• Osprey backpack rain cover
• Wallet / document holder
• Exped lightweight daypack that also functions as a dry bag

The happy bag and myself as the perfect companions.


6 thoughts on “Travelling Asia: The Post Where It’s Actually Going to Happen and I Tell You About Everything I’m Going to Bring

  1. Hi Rosanne,

    Great post! I’m the owner of Nod-Pod Sleeping Bag Liners and I wondered if you would mind if we could link to your article and image on our web-store blog?

    Maybe you can drop me an email so we can chat about it further?

    Thanks and happy travels,



    1. Hi Jodie,
      Most definitely! It’s a great product. I will send you a message now 😃
      Rosanne @ The Red Papers


  2. Best post I have ever read on packing! This has helped me make a decision about my backpack purchasing. who are these people telling you to buy bags with lots of pockets?! pffffff


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