Te Araroa (Part 14) : Not What I Was Expecting… The Long Slog to Rakaia River, day 93-100

I was expecting another Richmond Range or Waiau Pass, something similar but entirely different at the same time. I had no idea that the next stretch would be nothing like that, that no stretch would ever be anything like those behind me again, and that out of the entire TA, the leg between Boyle Village and Arthur’s Pass would become the section I resented the most.

Te Araroa (Part 12) : An Easy Start and The First Real Richmond Mountains, day 74-85

I set off just as the sun hit the top of the ridge I was headed to, an orange glow that intensified and grew. I had never started hiking this early, and this was the first time I’d ever seen the layers of mountain colour grey in the distance with the sky lighting up in the back, and everything around me blossoming and warm. I bathed in the glow of rising sun, a morning of simple beauty…